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Think of the best teachers you have ever had. What makes a teacher great? More than anything else, it is the ability to help the student learn for himself. How to think Like Leonardo Da Vinci    Michael J. Gelb

Ideas from How to Think Like Leonardo da Vinci


Consider the role of Curiosita in your life today.  Ask yourself how curious you are.  When was the last time you sought knowledge simply for the pursuit of truth?  What did you gain from this effort? 

Try exercises p. 55 in book for developing creativity.

Quotes from How to Think Like Leonardo da Vinci

It is safe to say, however, that accelerating change and increasing complexity multiply the value of intellectual capital.  The individual’s ability to learn, adapt, and think, independently and creatively, is at a premium.

During the Renaissance, individuals with a medieval mind-set were left behind.

Now in the Information Age, medieval- and industrial-era thinkers are threatened with extinction.

Now we are awash in an unprecendented, unrelenting overflow of data.  In five hundred years we’ve moved from a world where everything was certain and nothing changed to a world where nothing seems certain and everything changes.

We have more possibilities, more freedom, more options than any people who have ever lived.  Yet there is more junk, more mediocrity, more garbage to sort through than ever too.

“When faced with significant change, many team members are gripped with FUD–fear, uncertainty, and doubt… .It means that people are frightened. They do not yet see their places in the innovative activity. They can’t visualize its success and they are unable to see how their contributions will be valued. People feel disconnected from their strengths and the new vision.” From Innovation by Carlson and Wilmot Not So Distant Future ›

Inspiring quotes

“To Teach is to Learn Twice” Joseph Jouber

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If genuine reform is to come from within our schools, then teachers and school personnel must be importantly and intimately involved.  In particular, teachers must be perceived, treated, and held accountable as educational professionals. Murphy, Carlene, and Dale W. Lick.  Whole-Faculty Study Groups